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Security – First & Always

We protect what matters to you.

For us at Keytrack, security is not an afterthought. Rather, it is an essential component of our platform at all levels. We believe privacy must be incorporated into all our systems, by default and embedded into every standard, protocol and process we have. That means being proactive to all security and privacy measures. We help you assure your customers that their property deal information is and always will be, secure.

We utilise the Cloudflare Suite to make rigorous and granular approaches for managing your privacy needs and adhering to compliance regulations – without sacrificing security or performance. Including WAF (Web Application Firewall) that acts as a shield to protect users from malicious attacks and data theft.

We ensure everyone shares a safe and secure collaboration environment irrespective of other collaborators’ network security. This means if you have a highly secure environment in your office, adding other participants to your Deal/s won’t open you or your business up to vulnerabilities.

So whether you are an enterprise, SMB or individual, rest assure that Team Keytrack is ever-vigilant and ready to deal with security threats as soon as they are discovered!

Your Data is our Priority

Keytrack’s entire stack is designed around security. We employ multiple levels of protection across reliable infrastructure and cloud-based technology so that you can access Keytrack from any device, wherever you are. When you trust Keytrack to handle key business operations such as digitalising your property deal and notifying all participants management, you gain assurance that we value and protect the interests of your organisation, the security of your data, and the privacy of your customers.

We use top data centre providers to host our systems in SOC2 compliant settings. These data centres use SOC2 Type II reports to provide all the security protection measures you would expect. Keytrack can provide these reports to you on demand. Reach out to [email protected]

SSH keys are required to gain console access to our servers and each login is identified by a user, and our servers can be accessed only from restricted and secure IPs – your data security is our priority.


Encryption is the Backbone of Privacy

From robust policies, partnership agreements, internal controls and a culture focused on safeguarding privacy in the deal ecosystem, we are taking all measures to keep your information safe.

Our compliance with the requirements of GDPR is just one of many demonstrations of our commitment to the security of our customer’s data. We take measures to ensure the service providers which process personal data from customers on Keytrack also have appropriate security controls in place.

Bank-level Security for All

Keytrack provides a high layer of permission standards within your deal and profile so that you benefit from transparency where it counts and the protection of confidential information you would expect.

Keytrack and its partners secure and ensure the reliability of your external-facing resources such as documents, communication and many more. This includes encrypting email data in transit using TLS, storing documents in Soc2 type II compliant cloud servers, and utilising Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant payment partners. In addition to that, our partner experts also use top-notch security hardening techniques.


Our partners

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Digital Ocean

Keytrack and our Partners
are committed to

Improve the performance of OpenSSL and auto updating SSL certifications.

End-to-end TLS encryption for data in transit over the Internet to maintain confidentiality of information via HTTPS and API.

GDPR compliance and maintain validations for ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and public DNS resolver.

24/7 in-house and 3rd party monitoring of website and app infrastructure. Constant monitoring will alert the operations team if there are any abnormalities.

We continuously look for opportunities to make improvements and give you a highly secure, scalable system for you and your customers.

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