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Stop wasting time chasing for deal updates and living in your inbox. Keytrack helps cut significant admin time out of your deal process so you can spend more time selling and attracting new clients.

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How Keytrack works

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Save time on every listing

Your time is money and every second counts. So instead of chasing for updates, Keytrack notifies you and members of your team in real-time the status of a property deal, freeing you up to focus on one thing – getting more deals done.

save time on every property deal listing

Transparency is the best customer service

We know that at the heart of all property transactions, customer experience is what matters most. Gain visibility across your entire deal pipeline from signed-to-settled. At a glance, both you and your clients or team can see which key milestones are completed in the deal.

Be transparent with clients and provide good customer experience

Know exactly how your deal is progressing, in real-time

With powerful automations combined with instant updates of key milestones in your deal, you’ll never be left in the dark again. Keytrack centralises all your deal files and communication with stakeholders all in one platform.

know exactly how your deal is progressing at a glance

Transparency = Trustworthy

The most important factor in choosing an agent
is honesty and trustworthy

– 2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Report

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