A simple, transparent way to transact property

Keytrack is a property collaboration platform (PCP) that connects everyone involved in property deals to collaborate in streamlining deal completion.

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What is a PCP?

Keytrack’s property collaboration platform is the solution to getting the deal to settled, efficiently.

Guiding Principles of Property Collaboration

No silos

Buyers and sellers, real estate, financial & legal professionals can seamlessly collaborate at scale.

360 transparency

Complete view of the entire deal, not just a fraction.

Real-time automation

Smooth & continuous flow of changes to deals – everyone simultaneously, no more bottlenecks.

Scale & Security

Robust, secure and trusted way for information sharing and communication.

Why now?

The world is changing faster than ever.

Savvier clients

With easy access to information online, there’s greater pressure to deliver a higher standards of service.

Service delivery ecosystem

Everyone has a role to play which impacts the entire value chain. Communicating with transparency is key.

Increasing workload

The world is getting faster, so workflows need to adapt with more efficient processes through use of automations.


There’s a global need for the ability to access and provide information (documents and communication) remotely.

The new world

Focus on delivering a unified client experience, shifting from operating in obscurity to embracing transparency

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A new way of working

Keytrack’s PCP takes a fragmented way to complete property deals – wasted time, duplicated work, and slow outputs – and turns it into a streamlined, collaborative process within a shared online deal space for progressing, tracking, and sharing critical information.

Keytrack connects with multiple communication channels
Work together to collaborate and stay in the loop

Stay up-to-date with everything

A PCP brings coordination, speed and clarity to every property deal: legal, real estate, financial professionals and clients share a dedicated online space for centralising document transfer, automating key milestone updates and most importantly, giving transparency to the deal’s status.

Deliver proactive service for your clients

Instead of traditional conveyancing updates that are communicated over email, SMS, phone calls, faxes, paperwork and in-person meetings, legal participants utilise a PCP to make key milestone updates and simultaneously notify everyone at
once, with a single click.

offer great customer experience to clients

A better way to complete your deals

Property collaboration is the future. Be the changemaker of your industry.

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