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$40 / deal

Be crystal clear about the progress of your property deals, in real-time.


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$35 / deal

With a monthly recurring charge of $65

Easy collaboration with multiple stakeholders all in one platform.


Up to 20 deals / month
30-day free trial

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$30 / deal

With a monthly recurring charge of $99

Innovate your client service. Earn more referrals.


Up to 40 deals / month
30-day free trial

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$25 / deal

With a monthly recurring charge of $120

Enhance productivity by eliminating time consuming processes in property deals.


Up to 60 deals / month
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Keytrack for Enterprise

Need more deals, enterprise-grade scalability, support and customisation?

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All Keytrack plans include:

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited document storage

  • Access to all features available

  • Free deal communications

  • Unlimited collaborators in every deal

  • Unlimited storage of your closed deals

Keytrack is your end-to-end property collaboration platform

Upon request, we help you integrate Keytrack in to the tools you use everyday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bill in my country’s currency?2021-03-21T20:41:06+00:00

Yes. Our billing system accommodates for all currencies globally.

What if I decide to cancel before the end of my trial period?2021-03-21T20:41:15+00:00

As no commitment is required during the trial period, there is no need to cancel the free trial.

Only when the trial period ends will you be required to activate a plan.

Can I change my plan later?2021-03-21T20:41:23+00:00

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade and downgrade plans whenever you require. Within the app, go to “Billing” and change your plan there.

Upon switching plans, an invoice will be sent to you on your previous plan, including the deals you created plus the monthly payment. Any deals created then on, will be charged by the new plan’s pricing

What are my payment options – credit card and/or invoicing?2021-03-21T20:41:32+00:00

You can use Keytrack for one month completely free. No credit card required.

Once free trial ends, you’ll be asked to input your credit card and activate a plan. From then on, the deals created will be added to your monthly billing. An invoice will be sent to you via email for confirmation of the deals you make during the time.

What are Deals and how many do I need?2021-03-21T20:41:41+00:00

Each deal is one property transaction. No matter how many people are involved in the transaction, only one deal is required per property.

The number of deals you need will be determined by how many properties you and/or your team transact per month. If you are unsure which package fits you best, start with the Starter package and upgrade if you need more later on.

Does the 30-day all access trial apply to everyone?2021-03-23T00:19:41+00:00

Unfortunately no. Buyers and sellers can participate in unlimited deals for free however in order to create deals, activating a plan will be required. The 30-day all access trial applies only to organisations setting up accounts on the Keytrack platform.

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