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More billable hours. Less write-offs

High efficiency and productivity in your day-to-day means more billable hours and more business for you and your firm. Keytrack enables you to digitally update property deals and streamline key updates with a single click to everyone who needs to know.

increased profits

“My conveyancing business has very successfully used Keytrack to communicate with clients and agents”

– Alison Green Lawyer

Work smarter not harder

Keytrack automates deal updates and communications amongst the key stakeholders in your deal to reduce your workflow, significantly.
collaborate with cross functional teams
Work together to collaborate with other deal participants

More action, less distraction

Both sides of the deal now share the same transaction online which cuts the duplication and chaos of relaying messages back-and-forth with lawyers and other participants. Everyone in the loop, no more chasing, disruptions and busy work.

Security is our highest priority

Keytrack is a secure, enterprise-grade platform that ensures all files and contracts are stored in one centralised location for you, your clients and other stakeholders.

send and store documents and files in one safe, secure and centralised location

Your service quality may be sub-par because of your busyness

Are you willing to risk it?

Make technology your strength

Automation and intuitive tools your firm needs, and clients love

Strengthen client relationships
with smarter service delivery

Keytrack’s platform digitalises the property deal and connects everyone involved. Transparency builds trust, satisfies clients, cuts stress and empowers everyone to self-serve on updates so that you can focus on moving the deal forward.

Change the game and turn everyone on your team into high performers

Increase efficiency and productivity across your team, eliminate duplicated emails/calls and cut down non-billable interruptions to boost your utilisation per file.

Increase your profit per deal so you can spend more time where it matters

Optimise your conveyancing process and streamline your communications with a platform built for you. Keytrack automates the busy work from duplicated emails, printing documents, phone calls, or faxes and provides a clear view of all upcoming due dates.

Keytrack is your end-to-end property collaboration platform

Upon request, we help you integrate Keytrack in to the tools you use everyday.


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