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Verifying Identity the Old Way Is a Ton of Work

Keytrust automagically solves your AML / KYC requirements right within your Keytrack Deal giving you end-to-end deal completion – in one place.

Old Way

The admin of collecting & verifying identity documents.

Manually dealing with AML verification.

Frustrated clients tired of in-person meetings to prove who they are.

Keytrust Way

Eliminate the admin of collecting and verifying manual documents.

Onboard your clients from wherever they are.

Give your clients a seamless and fun onboarding experience.

Your world-class Identity verification software for global customers

Simplify your AML/KYC compliance processes, onboard clients in seconds

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Choose Keytrust for comprehensive
AML solutions

Identity verification
  • Passport

  • Driver’s license

  • Proof of address
  • Government Issued IDs

  • Facial liveness detection and expressions analysis
  • Realtime identity verification

  • Blacklist and darknet document cross-referencing

  • Detect popular attack vectors

  • Frictionless user experience

  • PEP/Sanction/Adverse media

  • 200+ countries and territories include
  • Over 6000 plus document types
  • Enhances due diligence

How Keytrust Works

Create and send the verification request

The customer gets an instant email and SMS link to follow.

The relevant CDD process like verification of documents and biometric liveness selfie is completed by the customer in seconds.

Keytrust checks the ID data against global secure, reliable and independent data sources.

Get your client’s verification results in seconds, securely.

Identity Verification

Run seamless AI-based biometric identity checks to authenticate your client’s liveness and match to ID documents.

Gain confidence from instant access to a global network of databases which confirm the legitimacy of your clients ID documents and identity data.

Experience low touch simplicity from world-class verification software with pre-built workflows that you need and none that you don’t.

Adverse Media Screening

We provide you with comprehensive, real-time data to protect your business from risk exposed customers.

Automated monitoring of potentially concerning information in the media helps you make better risk assessment decisions.

With 200+ countries & territories covered, and 10,000 data sources monitored every hour, you can minimise exposure to at risk customers.

AML Screening

Gain cross-border compliance and benefits from on-going live monitoring of global watchlists.

Unlock thousands of fitness and probity, global and national sanctions lists: OFAC, HMT, UN, and many more.

Meet FATF and local regulations with confidence.

Enhance your onboarding and risk mitigation strategy while reducing workload. Let our high-tech engine boost your compliance efficiency.

Client Onboarding

Keytrust is the new way to onboard customers wherever they are around the world.

With a simple user flow, keytrust verifications are over in seconds and get the job done right the first time.

With a few clicks, your clients give you all the data you need to comply without you having to coach them on any step of the journey.

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Enquire how Keytrust can enhance your client onboarding and AML compliance today

Keytrust helps you streamline your KYC/AML compliance process for scale.

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